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Next Steps

Charlotte Home Page Program from Truist

The Home Page Program CLT’s next steps via our “four legs to the chair” are:

  1. Connectivity: In 2021 we’ll target neighborhoods already in scope for Access Charlotte.  

  2. Hardware:  Some hands have already been raised to offer initial laptops, but we’ll need more. If you have hardware or access to companies who would donate (or pay for) it, we’d like to hear from you.  

  3. Content:  THPP will feature a Home Page CLT website personalized for the community that will be the perfect place to offer access to the wide variety of content that exists already. If your organization/company has content that you think could be valuable, we’d like to hear from you.  Examples include anything digital-literacy-related, “how-to” online, including health, safety, craft, learning, etc. 

  4. Trust:  What we hear from neighborhoods is that The Home Page Program will be most successful if it becomes something that is operated with the community, not for the community. If you’d like to be involved in creating a long-term plan through community engagement or have members of your organization/team who would like to be involved in this effort, we’d like to hear from you. 

Email Scott Zimmer, Enterprise Innovation Officer, Truist at

E2D/Tech Rising Tech All-Stars on April 24th, 9am-3pm

  • Charlotte Region students need to become more aware of the incredible opportunities available for good jobs/great careers in the IT professions. 

    • Entry-level IT positions are in high demand in Charlotte. Prior to the pandemic, experts estimated that there were over 40,000 unfilled entry-level IT positions needing to be filled for CLT companies.   

  • Our goal with this program is to pair up talented students with professionals in order to gain the IT industry skills needed to secure these positions post-graduation.  

  • Event Description:

    • E2D, Tech Rising and CMS schools will handpick 160 CMS ‘Tech All-Star’ students, representing 30 CMS High Schools, to participate in a one-day deep dive workshop exploring IT career pathways to success. 

    • Objective: E2D has always believed that talent is everywhere, yet opportunity often is not. With that in mind, Tech Rising and E2D will be recruiting students from Charlotte whose opportunity has been underserved, in order to provide career resources that are crucial for workforce succe

    • How Will We Achieve Our Objective: Collaboration is key for this event. By assembling some of the most talented IT executives in our community, participating students will be provided with meaningful mentorship and an elite IT network. This program is only the starting place for these insightful and inspirational connections

    • Event Details: 160 students will be hand-selected from all CMS high schools, by principals and administrators. There will be an opening and closing keynote speech, elective seminars and breakout mentoring sessions. Each student will leave the program with a mentor and a clear understanding of the pathways which they might pursue in their future. They will also leave with an E2D computer to be used to follow-up with the new mentors.

  • What do we need to make this happen?

    • We need 20 inspired professionals that would be willing to work remotely to provide real social capital in the form of mentorship for up to 8 students. (these mentors need not be technologists per se)

    • We need people who can help these students perceive and react to cool opportunities that their futures will no doubt provide.

    • We would love for our list of mentors to come from a wide variety of your companies.

    • We could use some help in the development of the content that we will deliver that day.

    • We could use some (actually not too terribly much) corporate funding to handle the lunch & a little bit of SWAG and to help defray some of the costs of the laptops that we will be providing the students. 

  • If you’re interested in learning more, please feel free to contact

Tech Rising Tech Idea Incubator Fund 

The Tech Rising Tech Idea Incubator Fund will help seed innovative ideas from nonprofit organizations that are helping to eliminate the digital divide and foster digital inclusion and equity. 

  • Grants will be between $1-5K and will be used to seed creative and innovative ideas that could eventually become larger initiatives.

  • Funding corporate partners include Google Fiber; Truist; Allstate; Lowe’s; Duke Energy; Bank of America and

  • Read more here.

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